What2do when flying…..

Lately, i´ve been on the road and in the sky for many hours. I see that most people when flying, they are reading. Newspapers, flightinfo or some other literature. On my last flight some days ago, I was going back to Oslo. I had been to Bergen for Rift Labs, having a photocourse. I sat next to 2 ladies from the west. Then instantly after being airborne, they brought the gear to my attention. They were actually knitting! I thought that was a dead cult thing. The 2 ladies from the west, told me some receipe knitting procedures. I told them about me knitting on primary school. How to make a knitting sweater in to a wallet! On my seat # 10c, there was no window, so instead I watched the battle of the wool! I was amazed by the speed og those nails going over and under the wool. They fought and won, fought and won. Each inch was a path well known. Whan we landed in oslo, the gloves were done. Flighttime was 1 hour. Long live the knitting community!

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