Photographing in the mountains and fjords!

SLOWTRAVELLING: I am just now back from a marvelous ride on the western curves of my country Norway. Boy, what a trip it was. Out here on the perimeters, seeking the solitary and the pressence of «being there»! NOW! It is really like the last frontiers.  I even brought my Hapkido-cane. I experienced beautiful weather in a scenary I just love! Shooting landscape-photograpy is one of the best things I can do! And it is easy to be captured by nature and just hitting the button and «the nature do the rest». I am trying to bring something into the pictures that I only see, and thats not always the beauty everybody captures. The camera is not 3D!!


I went to the once so beautiful Hotel Eidsbugarden. In my mind, it was a castle like no other. It was a breathing spot for the wanderers of the mountains, for the free spirited. Instantly, I saw it bleeding for itself, trying to hide the fact. It was shut down and it looked deserted. This pride menhir over the Vang Municipality was not open anymore. I had a tent so no worries, but I was yet surprised over the fact that this feastplace was gone…….How on earth is that possible??????

I went further west, cascading to one of my favorite places, Sogn & Fjordane, which is an area of great propotions. They also have a fantastic dialect, in which I speak almost fluent. I went to Turtagrø and spent several nights there in a tent capturing the amusement of being in nature´s own nest. I had a couple of short-traveling-meals at Turtagrø Hotel too. Smashing! Still, the weather was fantastic and I am always mesmerized by the beauty this district provides me with. Its almost easy to take a nice picture! I really enjoy nature photography. I did not bring the heavy shit Hasselblad HD-3, and I regret that!! Never leave your gear at home when the lions are loose! IMG_2604

Later, I went down to the amazing Lustra Fjord, an arm of the Sognefjord. It is very much in contrast of the wild mountains. The landscape invites you in to a mindset that says «STOP! Be here for a little while, don´t rush, be free!» And so I did.                         Then suddenly, the scent from LUSTRABUI, the bakery that provides you with greatness in the art og bun-making! A must for Luster-lovers and mountaineers aching for sugar extragavancy!


I will recomend a trip on «Highway» 55, the Fv 55 is a great route to see the fjord and see all these old houses situated close to water. Sogndal, where my cousin,aunt and uncle lives, devides the fjord in a way. Going west from here, the scenary is more scenic, going east, its more calm landscape. I would like to shoot pictures of the arcitecture of this area one day. I guess the interior can cover a book itself. Its a bit like the old fashioned Norway, and I like it. Before you see the «arcitecture» from the 60- and the 70´s. wtf? Is that bad or what?

I ended up at Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand, a very nice Hotel from way back in time, when Emperors and Cesars from Europe invaded the fjords with the intention to see and be amazed, when traveling was a bit different than nowadays….. This can also be the route to Bergen, a place I just love! Thats my trip next time, cause I had to be back for a photoshoot yesterday. All in all a whole in one! I love Norway and to y áll saying the weather is always bad in Norway: No, its not, but you are just dancing the funky chicken on the Canary Islands with all inclusive….

I believe i left my soul up in the mountains, so I have to go an get it very soon. You find me in the mountains………..with a Hasselblad camera and a Hapkido-cane. And perhaps with my best friend Michael Schindewolf!


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