Instagram is Instant karma.

InstachattI have to admit, Instagram has not been my favorite sosial sharing/screaming platform. Free pics……hmmmm. I had to go a couple of rounds before I was convinced. Now, I think Instagram is fantastic. So far, not a sale-platform, but a sosial place to share and simply look at other visual angles. For me, activity is a key thing. There is a lot of interesting pictures as well as photography. I put down my redflag and salute this network. If it is good for me as a photographer is yet to see. However, what I do see, is a freedom always bringing my camera with me and not the rest of my gear, lamps, flashes, tripods and gadgets…. This is a instant karma thing. You see and react. And then, with an instant finger, its out in the garden of Instagramers. There is a lot of enthusiasm and joy in the visual bouquet of Instagramers. Do we have to take pictures all the time? No, for crying out loud. But when we do it, lets do it with respect to others. And Instagram in Norway, is a very fast growing network. I know I was late into this, but have some fun. Show me your visuality in the big Insta-kitchen. Salute me when good and meet me down at the instamagic place. Instachatt is my middle name…….IMG_3793

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